Emma's birthday trip to Mall of America

on the plane & ready to go
we arrived at the St Paul, MN airport and had to take a bunch of these....
to get to the light rail (this)....
to get here, The Mall of America. Emma is standing in front of one of the HUGE Christmas trees
Our first stop Emma wanted to Build a Bear at the Build a Bear Workshop.
Emma helping stuff her bear, she chose Cinderella & The Little Mermaid outfits for her bear!
He looked at the Collectors Barbies on display and visited the Barbie store...
He stopped to have lunch and Emma played with her bear, she named her "Bearbea"
The we went through the "Maze of Mirrors" it was FUN!
Then on to the Butterfly Garden. They have like 300 butterflies and they stay on your finger.
We spent about an hour here. Emma loved it.
Emma got to talk to Santa!
The Disney Store was fun!
Then before we headed back to the airport we visited Lego Land.
Amazing Lego Dinosaur
They have a place where you can build with legos. We had so much fun! Emma fell asleep on the plane ride back she was soooo tired!


Mike & Adrienne 12:18 PM  

Fun Birthday!!!! What a great idea! It looks like she had fun! That tree is huge!!

txmommy 12:45 PM  

how fun!! Happy BIrthday Emma!!

Holly 3:37 PM  

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!

Christina 10:38 PM  

Hey Kathy! It's Christina La Point. You have such a lovely family. You still look the same too! Trust me, that's a compliment. Your kids look adorable. I haven't met Emma, but wish her a Happy Birthday for me!

Kathy 8:56 AM  

hey Christina, you need to give me your email address. It is so good to hear from you.

Meghan 3:23 PM  

What a fun birthday!!