When I grow up......

When someone asks Emma what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer is always "a doctor". One of her friends said, "well I want to be a fashion model". Emma thinks and then says, "well I want to be a doctor first, then a fashion model". I sure hope that through out her life, she will not be completely swayed by others and loose sight of her dream. I know that is kinda out there but it just made me think about her future.

Now for the above picture: Recently we were at Walmart and the kids wanted too look at the books. Emma looked through many books, but this is the book she wanted to buy. Not only did she want to buy a book on Volcanoes, when I read it to her she actually listens to it and soaks it all in. She also wanted the books about spiders, snakes, and tornados. So basically she is not fixed on one subject she just likes to learn about "real things." We then went to the Library the next day and found more fun books. Experiments with water, Shapeships & Rockets, & her favorite "The Human Body". I am so glad she loves to learn!
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