more sewing


The Tall and Short of it 4:33 PM  

how do you find time to do all of this?? I want to come over some time to get some ideas. Well let me just invite myself!lol If you don't mind!

Meghan 7:42 PM  

you amaze me!! you need to sale this stuff. i love it!!!

Kathy 10:31 AM  

Angela, I just did nothing else yesterday. LOL You are welcome to come over anytime, but right now our A/C is broken so call first to make sure it is fixed first.

Meghan, thanks, your sweet. To much trouble to sell it. But if you want something, let me know.

MadreBug 6:58 PM  

Those are so cute. Those would be perfect for Sundays and road trips. You'll have to show me how you made them. I haven't used a sewing machine in years.

Kathy 8:10 PM  

MadreBug: I would love to show you! Come over anytime! We need to have a playdate @ my house sometime.