This is what I have been doing for the last 3 months

ABC Quiet book
the front and back pages have a pocket (that is just my cell phone to show off the pocket)
B-Butterflies C-Car
D- Dog E- Elephant
F- Flowers G- Grapes
H-Hair I-Ice cream
J-Jack in the Box K-Kite
L-Lion M-Mailbox
N- Nest O-Owl
P- Puzzle (inside the pocket, there is a puzzle) Q- Quack
R-River S-Shoe
T- Tic Tac Toe
U-Under "the sea"
V- Vegetables W- Whale
X- Ray (my white felt bones are already missing- I need to cut more out)

Y- You (a picture of Emma & Spencer)
Z- Zipper & Zebra (you can put crayons or small markers or colored pencils in the pouch)
This is on the back, it says: Handmade by Kathy Fowler (posterity sake & also in case it gets lost)

I have to give credit to my friend Holly for all her help. And credit to Shelly Wallace for the design.


Colleen 11:06 AM  

So cute! I am so jealous that you all have time to sew and do cute things! I wish, wish, wish I could learn! I think Gretchen is in my new ward, too, so maybe I'll get to take her classes this year.

Marissa 12:14 PM  

That is so amazing! What a great book that I am sure will be enjoyed many years to come! It looks like it was quite the labor of love!

The Tall and Short of it 12:16 PM  

How do you have the time to do all your creative stuff?? YOU ROCK! It looks awesome. Both you and Holly have a wonderful talent! I am glad you two use it! Have I ever shown you the girls abc books made by Michael's mom?? They are great for church!

Holly 12:22 PM  

Congratulations on finishing...I think anybody who finishes one of those bad boys deserve some sort of award...lets go out for some ice cream or something =o) Good work dear, it looks great!

Mike & Adrienne 3:03 PM  

That's so cute! I want one! You are so talented, girl!

The Texas Bakers 10:19 PM  

It turned out so great, Kathy. Where did you get the pattern?

Tina Fowler 4:53 AM  

Great job! You did a wonderful job with this and really stuck to it!

Allyson 8:15 AM  

Kathy, that is THE cutest thing I have ever seen!