Kristen's Birthday -4

I never got a good shot of the birthday girl. She is in the pink dress on the right. Happy Birthday Kristen.
Part of the frosting was blue & Aunt Kelly gave Emma some so she could also have a blue tongue.
Kathy & nephew Hunter - we are ready to get wet @ the Sprinkler park.
Sprinkler park- the kids had a blast!

Siblings "the original 4" Kelly, Kathy, David & John
Kathy & Steve
Spencer warming up in his hooded towel- he calls it is "blankie"
The spray park was a great hit! The kids all loved it and so did the adults. It was such a blast, we will have to do it again soon!


Allyson 2:28 PM  

Just getting all caught up on your blog. Looks like you are having a fun summer. Love all the sewing stuff.

Colleen 7:32 PM  

looks like a lot of fun. Kathy, I really like your hair pulled back like that! You have such egunta beautiful face and with your hair pulled back, it really shows it off! ;)

Colleen 7:34 PM  

strange, my word verification was egunt and it showed up in the middle of the comment!

Tina Fowler 6:22 PM  

Just getting to the blogs. You two are looking good!