Mermaid Costume Completed

With the help of Gretchen, I am done with the Mermaid Costume Project. I learned so much while doing this and enjoyed every minute of it. My seam ripper and I have become close friends. Most importantly Emma loves it!


Colleen 4:45 PM  

WOW! I am so impressed with you! Emma looks so cute! I bet she never takes it off! ;)

Jamie 7:37 PM  

That costume looks awesome. I'm with you on the seam ripper. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost that thing.

Maren 9:35 PM  

Wowsers! Oh how I want be a seamstress one day. That really is amazing...of course Emma loves it!

Natalie 12:38 AM  

WOW, that is quite the costume. Good job. Emma looks so cute and so happy.

nikko 1:08 PM  

It looks great!

Allyson 8:16 AM  

So cute! Good job Kathy! I'm impressed.

Shuldberg's in Texas 3:00 PM  

You finished that fast. Way cool!! Emma is so cute as a mermaid!

Jay 9:53 PM  

YAY! You finished it. I am SO impressed.