New Pets

So we just got a puppy and a kitten. We have been looking for a while at the animal shelters and then the last one we went to we found the cutest puppy that I just fell in love with. Steve wanted a kitten so we got a kitten too. He is not happy about the puppy but he has not met him yet. The puppy & kitten are playing well together and the kids are doing great around then and vice a versa. We love them already but they are still nameless.


marcia@joyismygoal 5:57 PM  

That puppy is precious

Colleen 7:20 PM  

both adorable! Puppy looks like he might get big tho...

nikko 1:20 PM  

I think you are so brave to get two at once! :o)

Shuldberg's in Texas 2:45 PM  

Sooo cute!!! You are brave and a little crazy. Have fun!