Things going on....

My computer crashed, Steve built me a new one. I guess we should be thankful because my old one lasted 6 years. I am so thankful for a husband who is so good with computers. I am enjoying have no issues with my new one.

We got rained out of our camp out. We were super sad so we went on a date instead. It was fun to spend time together and talk & laugh.

Saturday I went to girls night with Holly, Colleen & Katy my friends. We had the best time sewing, scrapbooking and chatting. I am thankful for good friends. I was thinking we have all been friends for almost 2 years. Thanks for the fun times Ladies!

I am loving my calling in Primary I hope I get to stay here for a really long time cause I really do love it. Sunday was a little crazy but it is all worth it when a sunbeam smiles at you cause they are happy to see you! Awe, it is the best.

Steve got a promotion and a raise. We are very proud of him and so happy!

I am about half way done sewing Emma's mermaid costume. She loves mermaid & can use it for her halloween costume. Mostly I am gaining so much experience with this project. I love sewing it is so rewarding to see pieces of material come together and "create" something.

I have been do ok with my goal to read my scriptures daily.

I also have been doing ok with my workout goals, ok not great.

Spencer has been especially happy and cranky lately, he is such a toddler. He is still biding his time while his last tooth erupts.

Emma is doing great in her playschool & gymnastics. Her behavior is improving!


Natalie 11:50 PM  

Love the adorable pictures.