5 Things

5 Things I Was Doing 5 Years Ago:

1. Enjoying my newborn baby Emma.
2. Taking my baby to work with me as a Nanny for 3 girls.
3. Serving as Young Woman's President in Baton Rouge
4. Supporting my husband while he was in college.
5. Fixing up our old house

5 Things I'll Do Tonight:

  1. Cook dinner - it will be simple cause it is Sunday.
  2. read my scriptures (keeping with my goal to read everyday)
  3. read stories with the kids and put them to bed at 7:30
  4. call my grandmother who is recovering from surgery in a Nursing home
  5. Spend some time with my husband

5 Things I Would Do With a Million Dollars:

  1. Pay off student loan, mortgage, etc. - no more debt!
  2. Replace our 7 year old Honda Odyessy (although it's still running great, so I can't complain)
  3. Fund college savings accounts for the kids
  4. Take a trip to Hawaii and Europe
  5. Put the rest toward retirement

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Mesquite, TX

2.Northern California

3. Provo, UT

4. Baton Rouge, LA

5. Ft Worth, TX

5 Jobs I Have Had:

  1. Nanny
  2. Day Care Worker
  3. Front Desk and then Account Manager at Apple Orthodontix
  4. receptionist at Advanced Office Systems
  5. sales at Successories

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years:

  1. Having another child or 2 by then.
  2. Have a loan or 2 paid off.
  3. Sewing so well that I need little or no help from others.
  4. Serving in the church and loving life.
  5. Preparing to go back to school if we have not had more kids by then.

I tag no one, I am sure most people have already done this.