Ward Pine Wood Derby & Chili Cookoff

Well last night we had a ward activity. It was a Pinewood Derby & chili Cook off. We did not make chili (just cornbread) but we did make a Derby car. Well Steve & Emma did. (mostly Steve). The fun of it was there were really no rules, so people had all kinds of cars. Bro Cook built a car out of an alarm clock & called it "time flies". Some one just put wheels on the block of wood they give you. Bro. Ballard had like a sailboat car and brought his leaf blower to make it go. They had a single elimination tournament. It was a lot of fun. I forgot to take my camera to the activity so these are pictures afterward at our home. It was so cute to see Emma & Spencer cheer for our "Fowler 42" car. Each time it won! Emma was so excited that our car won 1st place. She kept saying "I am so excited we won, I can't believe it." What a fun family night.


Jeremy and Leah 6:51 AM  

Sounds like fun! Good job Steve!

I have a good life 6:56 PM  

It was a fun night and my kids were all cheering for your car, too, since we didn't make one. They were almost as excited as if we'd made it when it won! It was cute.