More sewing!

Emma & Spencer in their crowns
Spencer in his "king" crown
purse, bag or baby holder

Emma with her "baby holder"
I made Emma's crown that goes with her mermaid costume today. Then Spencer said he wanted a crown to be a "king". So I made him the green one. Then I still had a little more creative juices and time so I made this little bag for Emma. I just used material I had (which is not much). She was using it to carry around her baby in it. She loved it. So cute!


marcia@joyismygoal 7:28 AM  

Wow you go girl You did great!!

Natalie 3:21 PM  

So cute!

Shuldberg's in Texas 8:32 AM  

Your apron turned out great. Now you made a bag without a pattern? Impressive!!

I have a good life 9:52 PM  

Great job! Creating is so fun! :) It is so awesome that you make the time for it. :)