An Engineer

So, I got bored a couple of weekends ago and pulled out my art supplies. Well, more like dug out, it has been quite awhile since I used them. I wanted to try something new, so I searched the internet for different pictures of flowers and I settled on this one. So I started, it's like riding a bycycle, for the most part; the method comes easy, the skill takes some work. However, I noticed something this time around, since I was trying to replicate something, not just produce something from my mind: I was reproducing angles. In the past when I drew, I would for the most part get the shape right, focusing on how closely the drawing matched the object, noting the angles only when I was dealing with perspective. This time around I paid attention to the angles through-out the drawing and once I noticed what I was doing, there was almost no going back. Either way, I scanned it, printed a copy, and decided I'd try to illustrate what I meant, this being a scan of the printed copy. See what I mean about being an engineer.

-Steve :)
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