Stormy Days

Today I was driving to a car wash to shampoo my mat in my van because I discovered a gallon of milk that had been forgotten from a previous grocery shopping trip. YUCK!
On my way to the car wash, I noticed these beautiful clouds, so grabbed my camera that I just happen to have with me. The pictures just don't do it justice. It was funny to see so many other people had the same idea and were snapping shots of their own. By the way these clouds only lasted about 15 min & they brought pea size hail.


Jamie 10:17 PM  

Those look like angry, tornado-producing clouds. We've been getting those clouds this evening but I've been staying inside.

Lexi 7:49 AM  

Those clouds definitely look ominous! Hail is such a strange phenomenon too!

nikko 9:14 AM  

How funny. I didn't even notice the hail.

Will you call Jeannie and make sure she has a ride tonight? THanks!

Meghan 1:56 PM  

Cool pictures! Remember that storm in Fairfield one that people were freaking out about? They don't know storms like we do in the south. :)

Jay 3:28 PM  

Those are great pictures of the clouds. They were such cool looking clouds. So...did you finish it?? I can't wait to see it!