Happy 7 years!

Isn't that sad today is our 7 year anniversary and I had a really hard time finding a picture of just Steve and myself. Well never the less I know I have been a blogging slacker lately. Thing have been really busy and we have traveled a lot lately. But today Steve & I celebrated being married for 7 years! In some ways it seems like just yesterday that we were married and in some ways it seems like we have been married forever. But I want him to know how much I love and admire him. He is so hardworking and such a good man. I am grateful that he takes care of us and also that he plays with us too. Steve I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!
Love your wife, Kathy


marcia@joyismygoal 7:57 AM  

Congrats hope it was happy

txmommy 8:52 AM  

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Jessica 12:04 PM  

Happy Anniversary...My mom still has a picture of your wedding cake on her cake site!

Holly 1:04 PM  

Happy 7th! Heres to another happy 7 years and many more! Soon Kimball and I will be celebrating 4 years and it only feels like its been 4 minutes...under water

Kelly 2:27 PM  

Happy 7th!! wow... 7years...

I need you to teach me how to do my blog... i could be doing it right now!!! im soooo bored at work!! lol

Jay 1:00 PM  

Yay! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Julia Roberts 8:44 AM  

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you two had a great day.