Ali's wedding & Utah trip

Katie & Trent & Steve & Kathy
Grandma & Grandpa Lund
Shalay & Kathy
Manti Temple (more wedding pictures to come)

Steve enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful Utah countryside!
Uncle Buck & Aunt June
Aunt June made us a yummy breakfast of German Pancakes & Bacon! Yum! We enjoyed our visit with them.
My grandpa's brother Uncle Ronald

Yes I know I was just there a month ago but this was Steve's baby sister getting married come on guys do you honestly think we would miss it?


Jessica 1:17 PM  

I can't wait to see more pictures from the wedding. It's fun that you guys get to see so many people when you go to UT.

Amber 9:40 AM  

I just love Uncle Ronald! ( who doesn't right?) This is such a great picture of you two.