New curtains

We found these curtains at IKEA in the AS IS bin, for $3.99 each (there are 4 of them). We saved for a bit to get the curtain rods from target. Steve got them and put them up on sat while I took Emma to the zoo. I was so surprised when I came home. I had to hem them and iron them but I am so glad they are done. They make our bedroom look nice.


Lexi 1:35 PM  

Sweet. We need curtains too. Those are cute! Good find.

Farrah 1:23 PM  

What a great deal!

Marissa 9:55 AM  

Those are really cute! I am the worst about decorating- I always see things at people's house that I think are cute, but I have a hard time creating my own! :)

Kathy 6:58 AM  

oh Marissa, then we are so alike, I have the hardest time, I just learned u have to take risks and not me so matchy matchy.