Patchwork Skirt

I made this cute skirt for Emma from this website:


thornberry 6:00 PM  

How cute is that skirt and how adorable is she! Just lovely.

Allyson 6:01 PM  

That is SO cute! Will you make me a skirt like that?

I tried to clik on the link to the skirt pattern but it wasn't there.

Kathy 6:13 PM  

ok the link should work now, sorry!

txmommy 7:26 PM  

super cute!! is that picture taken today? it looks so warm :)

marcia@joyismygoal 9:35 PM  

how cute I want one :)

Shuldberg's in Texas 6:44 AM  

That skirt is adorable!
So is emma!!

Kathy 2:19 PM  

txmommy that pic was taken sat jan 9 and no it was actually freezing, we ran out and took pics for about 2 min and these are what I got! LOL

Kathy 10:34 PM  

Cute, cute skirt! you have been busy!!

Jeremy and Leah 11:18 AM  

Kathy that is so cute! I'd make one for myself but I'm not that talented, it would probably come out long on one side and short on the other, hahaha! Great job!

Holly 11:01 AM  

absolutely darling!

Amber 12:06 PM  

This is SOO adorable. Great job Kathy!

Annalia Romero 10:14 AM  

I may just have to make one of those. SO cute.