8 yrs & forever

So do you like my new hair do? Well it was all part of the surprise I had for my husband for our 8 anniversary. I also got new makeup. Now you might say this is a little selfish & it is but he is always saying how he wants me to get highlights and what man does not want his wife to look good! Well I took him out to Texas De Brazil. It was so awesome. They have an amazing buffet with yummy things like sushi, shrimp, grilled provolone cheese, atichokes, olives, salad, salami, lobster bisque, etc etc.

Then when you are done with the buffet you turn over your card to green and then the guys start bringing out the meat. We counted like 10 different types: lamb, ribeye, top silon, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, sausage, flank steak, house special etc etc. It was so yummy!
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txmommy 7:37 AM  

Happy Anniversary!!!
You look great!

Jeremy and Leah 7:11 AM  

Happy Anniversary! I love the hair, what did Steve think, I'm sure he loved it. A new haircut brings out a new woman sometimes. It's nice to feel pretty. Hope you had fun!

Jenn 9:21 PM  

Happy Anniversary!!! Hello hotness! Your hair looks great... love your makeup too.

I have a good life 11:48 AM  

You do look great! Hope that your anniversary was something special to remember forever! :)

Kathy 10:34 PM  

Love your hair...sounds like you guys had a great night. Happy Anniversary! Mark and I celebrate 30 years in April!