Merry Christmas

Our Texas Snow Man (2 eyes made out of coal)
Emma in a few of her favorite presents. I got the shoes at a thrift store for $3. If they were my size I would of got them. They are actually Gianni Gini heels & are super cute & still in good shape.
Emma's dollhouse (santa built). We told her Santa said dad could make repairs and touch ups on it.
I (Kathy) played with Emma & the dollhouse for a long while today.
Some snow in Texas.


Shuldberg's in Texas 10:23 PM  

Great snowman!!

Merry Christmas!

Allyson 11:48 AM  

I love seeing everyone's pics of snow from TX.

Nice dollhouse, I knew Santa must have had a hand in it. He's so handy that way.

Love seeing all the pics of the kids and your family. Everyone is growing up!

Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year! ♥ya

I have a good life 6:03 PM  

What cuties! :)

Great dollhouse. I love it.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!