Ok so I read the books and loved them (sorry Lexi & Betsy-my only 2 friends that hate Twilight-lol) but when the movie came out I was not thrilled to see it. I did want to see it but my expectations for it were very low. Most movies they make that were first books are not that good. With the exception of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. So when all my friends went to the midnight showing and I did not I was kind of ok with it since I hate staying up past my bedtime. But after they told me how much they liked it I was anxious to see it.

So last night Holly, Kriste and I went. I will tell you it was very cheesey, but I smiled most of the way through it. I enjoyed the "love" scenes. I did think they went overboard with Caralise's face makeup. But I thought Alice, Emmett, Rosealie, Victoria,Laurent, Bella & Edward were who I had pictured they would look like.

Also when I read the books I was a Jacob fan, but since watching the movie I am now an Edward fan all the way!

So go see it if you are a Twlight fan like me.



Maren 2:44 PM  

You know, I was a Jacob fan, too. The movie made Edward me a little more of an Edward fan. I won't know until the Second and third movies though if I like the movie Jacob better than the movie Edward.

Christena 7:27 AM  

I love Twilight too!!!!
Curt and I...ok well mostly me... are so obsessed with the series. I have to wait to read the last book until after finals though or else I won't get any studying done.