My Utah Trip

This is the beautiful view I woke up to for 2 days. I say 2 because sunday morning Tina and I were on a 6am flight back to DFW.
I got to be a guest at the weekly breakfast my Aunt Verdene and Aunt Kay share. She is so beautiful!
I love this woman! She is like a second mother to me. My Aunt Kay is so dear to me. She reminds me a lot of her sister (my mom).
Ally came with 2 of her 4 children. I am holding Addy and Allyson is holding Aubrey. After we had breakfast I followed Ally to her new house & she showed me around. It is so amazing. I love it!
Then I met my friend Betsy for lunch in the cafe in the Joseph Smith building. We had not seen each other in several years and had a great time talking. We set a tradition, "lunch once a year".
This was our view while we ate a yummy lunch. (Salt Lake Temple)
Then I drove to see my friend from the days I lived in Provo. Stacy and I had also not seen each other for like 8 or 9 years! It was good to see her. By the way it does not feel like THAT long ago!
This was my old apartment in Provo. Stacy actually lived next door but was at our place more. She liked us better!

Then I drove to Manti, UT. I went with my sister in law Ali and Tina to the Temple. It was a night and dark so I have no pictures of that. Sorry! But it was great! I got to meet J.L. and his family. They are getting married in Jan. I love them! They are awesome!
The next morning I headed back towards Salt Lake. I had a little time & decided to stop when I saw this.
I got to go inside this beautiful Temple.
Then I went to see my cousins "the McCulloughs". Preston, Spencer, me and Jake (married to my cousin Marissa)
Me, Kathy, & Mark (my mom's cousin)
Me and Jennifer
me and Marissa & her daughter Sydney
Amber (My sister Kelly's BFF) and me.
I got 1st class on both of the flights. It was fun on the way back sitting next to Tina. I also got a Trailblazer for my rental car. It was so fun and gave me new blessings to be thankful for. Of those the number 1 is Family and Friends! By the way it did not snow the whole time I was there. But I heard it snowed the day after I left. Oh well, we will be back up there in Jan and we will probably see snow then.


Kelly 9:39 AM  

oh.... its sooo pretty there!!! I wanna go!!! cant wait til summer... by the way have you told steve about our trip this summer? lol

Cierra Rafajko 6:36 PM  

I am glad that you had a fun trip! The pictures are beautiful.

Jenn 10:00 PM  

You are so beautiful. I love your hair short. Just wanted to let you know you look great!

Allyson 10:27 AM  

Kathy, it was so good to see you again. It had been too long. Love ya!