Happy 4th Birthday Emma

Being Cute!

Most people that meat Emma learn right away that she is full of energy! LOL But if they look past that free spirit, they will see a very sweet and loving little girl. Emma loves people. She has many hobbies and things she is naturally talented in. Gymnastics is number 1 on her list right now. She also lives to dance, sing songs, and do crafts. She also adores her little brother Spencer and her parents, although she is a mommas girl. We are so blessed to have Emma in our lives. We love you Emma, have a wonderful day!


txmommy 9:52 AM  

happy Birthday Emma!!!!!

Jeremy and Leah 11:21 AM  

Happy Birthday Emma!

Farrah 1:28 PM  

Happy Birthday Emma!

Colleen 1:30 PM  

Happy Birthday Emma! I am so glad you got to come over yesterday! I hope you had fun!

nikko 1:57 PM  

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous 4:18 PM  

That's Emma...all wrapped up inside
that cute little body...Mischevious,playful, sweet,
loveable...and most of all her
grandma's girl. Mick

Anonymous 5:37 PM  

I so remember all those pictures too.
It was just yesterday she was born'nd now look at her...