This week has been really busy. Monday Emma & I made these. Emma made her own.
Tues night I got to play volley ball for 2 hours. It was so fun. I came was sore the next day with a few lovely bruises.
Wednesday I helped out with a cub scout meeting.
Thursday I had enrichment. It was a very spiritual night.
Friday I had scrap booking at my house. Colleen & Holly came and we had a blast. Friends are great. We laughed and Coleen sang for us. LOL
Sat morning I took Emma to Caleb's birthday party. After about 30 min of the jumping party she started to complain that her stomach hurt. I tried to get her to leave but she would not. So after the party on the way home she threw up on herself in the car seat. Poor thing she only had water in her system so it was not that bad. I knew she was sick when she did not eat her cake or chocolate ice cream. LOL Poor baby. The good news is she was feeling fine after that and she never got sick again. Then later that afternoon we headed to Sams and did a few other errands and did not get home until after 7pm. We were all so tired and ready to come home. Now it is Sunday evening. I gave sharing time in Primary. Went to Chior almost directly after church, then went to a Priesthood Preview at 5pm. Now it is 9:20 and the kids are in bed and Steve is on the phone with his mom while I am typing here on the blogggggggggg. Yeah I am tireeeeeeeeeeed.

Although not tired enough to mention my sister in law ALI and her BF JL are getting married in January. So her brother Rich is getting married the day after christmas in DC Temple and she will be married a few weeks later in Manti Temple. Thank goodness Steve works for American so we can be there. We are so excited for both of YALL! CONGRATS!


Allyson 10:47 PM  

So I asked you on FB who was getting married, but now I know. If you come this way I hope you have time to stop by and say hi!

marcia@joyismygoal 7:47 AM  

wow, that sounds like the life I lived for so long --- make sure you get those quiet moments in too I wasn't so good at that and I wish Ii had been-- i used to love doing sharing time:)

Kathy 8:08 AM  

Yes Ally I am going to try to come. Also she is getting her endowments out in the beginning of Dec and I might be able to come (just me) to that. I would love to stop by and visit yall then. I will let yall know when the date is confirmed.

nikko 1:40 PM  

Sounds like a busy day. Hopefully Cubs and Sharing Time and Priesthood Preview went well. :o)

Jessica 8:42 PM  

How fun for Ali and Richie. I can't believe Ali is getting married. Wasn't I just last week her YW leader? Oh, wait...that was 2002!!!!
I love Emma's hair.

Grandma A 12:55 AM  

I wish I was at enrichment and scrapbooking with you. Sounds like so much fun! Love the new haircuts.
Love n' hugs.

Cierra Rafajko 3:02 PM  

Sounds like it was a busy week. How are you liking your new calling? I am sure you are great with the kids in primary. You were so good with the gospel doctrine lessons. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

Stacy 7:36 PM  

Cute craft...how fun to do it with Emma. I can't wait for Maddie to be old enough to do crafts with.