Celebrating Spencer's Birthday

I made Spencer's cake. It was last minute but fun to do.
He would not sit in the high chair. So he stood.
The kids playing with Spencer's gifts.
We also had the Elders over for dinner.


Cierra Rafajko 9:56 PM  

The cake is very cute and looks like it was fun to do! I am glad that Spencer had a good birthday. I love the video it's so fun to watch and see what little kids try to figure out exactly what they are supposed to do on there first few birthdays.

Saric 4:18 PM  

How fun! I love that cake. I'm gonna have to steal that idea for Jack's next b-day. The pics in the previous post are adorable.

Jay 9:18 PM  

I wish I could be that creative at the last minute! A cute cake for a cutie pie!

Omi 10:25 PM  

the cake is adorable! and i can't believe he's already 2! i remember sitting behind you in sacrament meeting and seeing his funny mohawk as a baby!

Jessica 12:48 PM  

I want some cake...

Jeremy & Leah 8:41 AM  

That's the first time we have seen more than a still photo of Spencer, it was fun to see him blow and "touch" his candles out.
Happy Birthday Spencer!