DO the DO

Like the new do?
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Grandma A 11:56 AM  

Love it. You look great!
Love n'hugs.

Anonymous 4:57 PM  

I love is so cute... great look...

At Home with Mike and Adrienne... 9:53 PM  

It looks way cute! I love it!

Holly 10:45 PM  

good for you...I'm always scared to go short, but I absolutely love it!

Allyson 11:09 AM  

Cute hair. I love it. And I have that same shirt.

Shuldberg's in Texas 9:29 PM  

I kept trying to catch up with you at church, I love the new cut.

Kelly 4:12 PM  

I love it! Its cute on you!!! I cut mine on saturday too!!! I got those long swoop/sweep bangs....

MadreBug 6:31 PM  

It looks so great on you!

Amilyn -N- Brandon 12:56 PM  

Wow! Your hair looks AWESOME!!!

Jay 1:00 PM  

Very cute! You look great.

Marissa 9:56 PM  

You look so HOT! :) I really do love the cut!

Jeremy & Leah 8:44 AM  

I love your new cut! It is very flattering on you. There is nothing like a good cut, it makes you feel so refreshed and pretty!
Looks easy to do too!
See ya soon:)!

Saric 12:04 PM  

Love it!!

Jessica 5:15 PM  

i like your cut. it looks great. i just got mine cut and love everything...except the bangs. they aren't long and layered, like yours, but shorter. i've NEVER had bangs like this.

The Tall and Short of it 4:19 PM  

I actually got my hair cut yesterday! Much shorter! Check out my blog, I posted pics!