Snow in TX

Well it is snowing today. When I told Emma to look outside cause it was snowing, she got all excited & started running around and saying, "I want to go eat the snow, mommy can I please go eat the snow!" It was so cute! Poor Spencer is missing it he is asleep.
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jessica & co. 2:37 PM  

whatever you do...DO NOT SEND ANY OF THAT TO OMAHA!!!! we are TIRED of snow...but you enjoy:-)

Katy 7:58 PM  

It had to be so cold for her. It was cold just going out to take photograph and I wasn't even wet.

Cathi 8:36 PM  

I'm so jealous! I miss living out west where there was snow! We were in t-shirts and shorts today - blah!

Farrah 11:49 AM  

This weather is crazy!

The Acosta Family 7:55 AM  

I wish we had gotten snow. I think we were in at 68 degrees that day until the front came in. We dropped to the 40's and got rain. Yuck!!