before it melted!

This melted today but it was fun while it lasted!
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jessica & co. 8:11 AM  

Holy cow! That is a lot of snow! Did people go out and buy snow throwers to clear their drives? :-)
That is a really nice snowman, too, BTW...we only made one nice one that the boys "killed" with a baseball bat.

Kathy 6:08 PM  

we actually had to clear our drive way because Steve could not get his car up!

Jamie 10:29 PM  

Wow, that looks like fun! I heard rumors that there snow in Shreveport yesterday, but that was probably the closest it came to us.

Jenn Wilson 5:11 PM  

Well just look at it will ya... it's snow. I still can't believe yall got it and not us. I'm sure your kids had a blast. Maybe it'll happen again in like 30 years!