Emma & the Easter Bunny

We went to the mall yesterday & Emma saw the Easter Bunny. I saw the long line and was just going to let the kids play in the play area. She said "mommy I want to go see the Easter Bunny!" I said, "No, look at the long line of people." She said, "Thats ok, we will just tell the people, Excuse me, Excuse me, Excuse me, & then we can be at the front of the line." This just cracked me up but we still did not get to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. Maybe next year!


jessica & co. 1:58 PM  

what good manners you have taught her...and how funny. we didn't see the big bunny this year...b/c you have to pay at least $20 for one pic. and you can't just see him...you must buy his picture. :-(

Holly 2:31 PM  

That's too funny. Isn't it funny the way kids think.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton 7:25 AM  

Well in theory she's right, right?! That's too funny that she came up with a way to resolve the problem herself! People keep asking me if I took Peyton to see the Easter bunny, but I didn't because he probably would have had a meltdown and because he's totally oblivious!