So I have only been to the gym twice this week. Sigh! I have really wanted to go more but sometimes other people matter more. When I say this I mean this:
My uncle passed away last week and I have spent a lot of time pondering this and missing the Snow's. All of them. Life is hard when you realize how much you miss being around family (cousins) that you have not seen for a while. It is also hard because you know we each have our own families and there is no way you can keep up with everyone. But the pain of missing them is still there.

On another note, I ended up watching my 2 yr old niece Kristen for a few days so Kelly could save some money with the babysitter and have a little break. I can't imagine being a single mom with 2 kids. Besides we loved having Kristen here. She and Emma played the entire time & only fought a few times. It was great! They are really becoming great friends.

Then it was our turn to watch my friend Katy's little boy- Bradley (seen pictured with my kids-on below freebie picture). We love trading bsitting with them because we never have to pay a sitter. It is great!

And now today is Friday and the gym closes at 5pm and Steve won't be home till after that. So I will try to go in the morning early tomm. I really miss it.

When I look at my life I am really grateful for so many things. But the recent passing of my uncle helped me to realize how grateful I am for my MOM. She called me last night and told me of the great spiritual uplifting time that she has had up there with her sister Kay & her family. And just stopped to think about how much we all depend on her for so many things. I just want her to know that I love her so much and I want to take care of her, because she has taken care of so many others over the years! I love you mom but I better stop now before I start crying again.


Allyson 12:11 PM  

Hey Kathy, thanks for your sweet words.

I only got to see your mom for a short time, but I am glad I was able to visit with her.

Love ya.