Hunter Bryan Upchurch

Baby Hunter is here. My little sweet nephew arrived on Thursday at about 12:45 noon and he weighed 7lbs and 4oz and he is 19 inches long. He had not dropped so they had to use forceps and all the tricks to get him out. It was kinda scary there for a bit, the doctor called in another doctor for help. But in the end everyone is fine. He is the cutest little baby I have ever seen! Pictures will follow.


Allyson 1:09 PM  


Stacy Hutchinson 6:44 PM  

Yay, babies! My baby is not so small anymore. They grow up so fast. Snuggle with Hunter as much as possible!

obmijandhanel 3:12 PM  

we are flying it will be hopefully a long time before i do that drive again.

Kathy 5:08 PM  

are you going through DFW?