6 years!

Well today is our 6 year anniversary. No we are not pregnant, this is the only picture I could find off hand. That is actually Emma in the womb. Well it has been a great 6 years and in honor the time we have spent together I want to share 6 reasons why I am glad I am married to Steve.

1. He loves me even when I am mad at him.

2. He buys me flowers often, not just special days.

3. He supports me in things I want to do, and is always there giving me encouragement.

4. He loves to cook and is always wanting to try new things.

5. He acts like he is in love with me as much as the day we met.

6. And last but not least he often lets me have my way!

Happy 6 year honey.


nikko 2:26 PM  

Happy Anniversary!

Allyson 10:59 AM  

happy Anniversary. Time goes by so fast.

jessica & co. 2:52 PM  

congratulations on 6 years. before you know it, it will be 60!

The Acosta Family 2:32 PM  

Happy late anniversary! Has it really been 6 years? wow