Spencer's first birthday Trip

This little guy turned 5 years old.
Instead of a party we do birthday trips at 5 years old. He wanted to to go here! The Museum of Ancient Life in Thanksgiving Point, UTAH!
Because he loves the these things. DINOSAURS!
We also got to go down and see the MTC and the Provo Temple.
It snowed day 2. It was so beautiful!
We stayed with my cousin Allyson and her family. We had a blast! My Aunt Kay & Cousin Lauren also got to come for breakfast.
Allyson's youngest, Addy, is Spencer's age. (like 2 weeks apart) They hit it off and became fast friends.
We got to have lunch with Steve's sister, Spencer's Aunt Kristen. We also saw his other Sister Ali, JL & her two boys. They were adorable. I think I forgot to take a picture cause I was so frazzled with Spencer throwing up right before we saw her. We had to have them come out to the car and Spencer stayed in the car with the window down while we talked.
Our celebration at home. Emma and Spencer were so excited to see each other when we came home from the airport. It was cute!
Spencer opening his presents.
It was a great birthday!