Fowler Christmas Card

This year full of excitement and joy for the Fowler Family.
The year started with a big (for us) snow storm, with the snow turning into ice, and the ice staying around for what seemed like forever. In March, Kathy and Steve went to London; Steve spent most of his time at the conference he was attending for work, while Kathy got to be a tourist. In May we got new kittens, Sadie and Annie have been fun additions to the family. We survived the record heat during the summer, with Kathy and the kids spending most of their time outside at the pool. With Steve’s parents, we went to the State Fair of Texas (first time for everyone besides Kathy), enjoyed funnel cake, rode a few rides, tried fried cookie dough and fried pineapple upside down cake.
This has been a year of traveling for Steve. Besides the trip to London, he went to Santiago, Chile in June, two different day trips to Chicago, two trips to Denver, and a weeklong trip to Las Vegas for VMworld 2011, all for work. He is still working for American Airlines, in the IT department, and enjoying what he does. For the third year in a row, Steve ran the Dallas Susan G. Komen 5k. He recently got a new calling at church, serving as the 11 year old Boy Scout Leader and he is still serving as a teacher in the ward’s High Priest Group. He is excited about this new growing experience with scouting.
Besides the London trip, Kathy has also been busy travelling, taking a solo day trip to San Francisco, taking Spencer to Utah, going to Austin with the PTA, and two different trips to Minnesota to help her Mom move. During a family bike ride in the spring she also took a short trip down a small hill, without her bike, thanks to some loose handle bars. Thankfully, she only had a few major bruises and scratches, and she still likes to go biking. After watching the LSU football games this fall, Kathy has finally confessed her love for college football and is going through withdrawal now that the season is over. She is still serving as the ward Primary president soon to be going on 4 years. She continues to be blessed and taught by those little children and teachers all the time.
Emma ended last year by getting her tonsils taken out, so she spent the first few weeks of this year recovering. She graduated from Kindergarten, getting many awards, including the Principal’s Award. She started First Grade this fall and loves her teacher; she is doing well and is at the top of her class. During the year she had her long hair cut and donated to the Locks of Love. During all of the trips to the pool this summer she taught herself to swim. She turns 7 in a week or so. Emma has a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and loves to share it in church. She also loves to play “Primary” at home with little brother.
Spencer started pre-school this school year and loves his teacher and new friends. He turned five years old and is learning to read. He went to Utah with mom for his birthday trip. They chose Thanksgiving Point for the huge Dinosaur museum. Spencer loves Dinosaurs and can tell you anything you want to know about them and more. He is starting basketball next week and is looking forward to it. He is such a sweet boy and often wants to be the one to say the prayers. He also loves singing along to the Primary songs.
We hope your year has been a great one! Merry Christmas to all! We love you all!
Love, The Fowlers, Steve, Kathy, Emma & Spencer