Whats been going on this summer

For the past two days I have gone to workout and then come home a for the better part of the rest of the day I have put my sewing skills to the test. No not really, just letting off a little creative energy through sewing. I made this cute tote bag.
This is the inside of the tote bag/purse.
I made some baby boy burp clothes for gifts. Lots of babies being born.
Some flannel crinkle toys.

& some girl burp cloths.
Emma starts her little BLAST school on Sept 8. She is so excited and so am I. I start watching my neighbors baby 2 or 3 days a week. Starting tomorrow. He is 6 months old and is just a sweet little thing.

Steve is still running and has lost 30 lbs. I am still working out about 3 times a week and have lost 4 more lbs for a total of 15lbs. I look forward to my workouts and get as much as I can.

Being Primary President is very enjoyable although I am not gonna lie it has been hard. There have been long hours because of the ward slitting and all, but I really love being able to work with those children. It is truly a awesome. We had a Primary activity last Saturday. We did a missionary theme and the children got to make missionary badges, hear about a missionary that went to Japan and practice their missionary skills. Also they earned tickets that they got to cash in at the end for a "show". We watched the animated New Testament video about Jesus healing the sick. They got to get popcorn & candy & a drink & bring their blanket & pillow and watch it in the gym on the projector. It was fun!

Also last weekend we had a fun girls craft night. I got some fun scrapbook pages done.

The kids got to go to a friend's "pirate" birthday party. They had a ton of fun. Here are some pictures of Spencer with his "sword"!I have been practicing on Emma's hair, when she lets me, and I think I have french braiding down. Here is a side french braid. We have been having fun around here.
Steve got a calling last week, he is the 12 yr old sunday school teacher. He is excited about that.
Well that is about all for now.


nikko 7:00 AM  

Those sewing projects look great! You, me and Holly should get together and sew someday. I would love to sew with other people!

Congrats on the 15 pound loss! That's wonderful! :o)

Allyson 9:52 AM  

I love seeing all the sewing stuff you are making. It made me think, hmm, I could do that. But then I take a little reality check.

YAHOO!!! For you for losing 15 pounds! And for Steve too!

Kathy 1:05 PM  

Nikko, yes we should all get together. We have craft nights all the time. Also Emma starts school on the 8th then I can do it any TUES. cause I will only have Spencer. Also I know Mya is in school that day too so we will have to get together.

Ally, Shut up you can too sew. I thought I would never be able to but there are so many great tutorials out there that tell you step by step how to do things. Do you have a machine?

Jessica 7:42 PM  

I was the 12 year SS teacher for 2 1/2 years until just a couple months ago. Call if you need tips, Steve. And the projects look great, Kathy!! Keep it up!