Flower button shirt

I made this shirt and made Emma be my model.
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Tina Fowler 5:41 AM  

Cute, cute shirt. You are getting so good at this sewing stuff! Who took the pictures - you or Steve? They are so fun! I am finally getting my life back and trying to spend some time with my computer and pictures and hope to print out some of the grandkids. These will be great!!

Kathy 7:46 AM  

I took the pictures. It was during the day & Steve was at work. Thanks, we can't wait till yall come to visit!

Farrah 11:09 PM  


Kathy 8:32 PM  

You are such a cute mom! I miss the days when my life was not complete unless I sewed something. Cute shirt, cuter girl!

Jessica 9:06 AM  

cute side braid. i love all the sewing stuff. i have started sewing a little bit cause you are inspiring me!