MAMA and the windshield wiper, the Coyote, and the orange cream shake!

So I have not posted in a while and I am not sure I like how blogger has changed.
Last week end I got to fly up to Minnesota and visit my mother! It was fun, short and full of laughs and funny things.

One awesome story was it started to rain on sat and her windshield wiper was broken and it was raining hard. We had to get it fixed. Well do you think that is what I wanted to do on my short time there. No, seriously I got their on friday night and left sun afternoon. I did not want to sit in a car shop. So we pulled in to this small auto shop and I walked in and told the guy what was wrong. He came out and looked at it. He tightened the bolt and fixed the whole thing for free. My mom and I squealed with delight and thanks. He left with a big smile on his face. We were super excited it was a fast fix.

We went to DQ to get an ice cream on sat. As we sat in the drive thru a coyote chased a rabbit and caught him. Then proceeded to kill him 5 feet from my window. Argggggggg! This freaked us out, I mean for gosh sakes we are in the middle of the city. We screamed like little girls!

On friday night when mom picked me up it was like 11:30pm we were hungry so we drove thru at Arby's. She wanted the new orange cream shake so we tried it. It was pretty good by the way. Well everything seemed normal until the next day. Lavonda (my sister in law) said you know you called me and I listened to your whole conversation. Good times at Arby's! LOL we died laughing!!! Good thing we were not talking about her! Ha Ha!

We had a great time and I will take the kids to see her this summer a few times. She is coming for thanksgiving, so excited!

It was too quick but I got her signed up to facebook so we can all keep in better touch with her.
 Love you MAMA!