My Trip to San Francisco

I went to San Francisco for a day! I just needed to get out, it was Steve's idea. I had never been before so it was so fun to see the city! I started out the day by barely making the flight. But I was off and super excited!
Started the day off at the Farmer's market!
Look at the beautiful colors!
This is the view from the end of Pier 39. You can see Alcatraz off in the distance, some day I will bring Steve back for a longer visit & we will tour it.

Peir 39 is a fun place. You can get a crepe the size of a small umbrella, visit a huge candy shop, get any souvenir you desire or shop till you drop! For lunch I had the clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl YUM!
As you walk past the Piers there are many street performers. Also I saw this walking down one of the streets. Live crabs! Although they are super expensive!
This is me waiting in line for the trolley. In the distance you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. It is very foggy and hard to see in this photo.

Me on the trolley!
Old ladies playing cards in Chinatown. There were also many groups of old man playing cards & games.
I hope you can tell from this photo how steep the streets are! I got my work out for sure!

This is Emma wearing her souvenir shirt and the fan I got her in China town. She loves it. Spencer also got a shirt and a trolley car toy and Steve got a cool old fashion key from the Alcatraz shop. Also a few other things! All in all it was a great experience! I am thankful for a wonderful husband who loves me!

Steve's Las Vegas Trip

I am pretty behind on posting about our life. Steve has been traveling alot this summer, including a quick trip to Santiago, Chile. Another one of the places he went to was Las Vegas for a Vmware Conference. Nerds paradise. He had a good time and here are some pictures. He was gone for 5 days and we missed him and was so glad when he came back!

Oh, and he got to see the Killers in concert.

Spencer's First Day of School

Back pack on and ready to go!
At the front door!
Inside the school room Mrs. Cherine is showing him around.
Sitting at the table ready to learn!
When I picked him up he said his first day was GREAT!