Riding on the Big Red Bus

Westminster Abbey

Marble Arch

So I got coach and Steve got first class on the 8 hour flight from DFW to London, England. He got a nice roomy seat that can fully recline and got dinner and breakfast and snacks and endless drinks, a BOSE headphone set for in flight use and nice size screen to watch the movie of your choice. Also a nice soft blanket and pillow and an amenities case, which included, eye cover, Burt Bees Lip Balm, socks, toothbrush, tooth paste, and body lotion.

I got to have my knees crushed the entire time because the person in front of me wanted to fully recline the entire time. I got the person behind me cursing and drinking the entire way. He could not get his touch screen tv to work so he poked it vigorously which resulted in my chair bouncing back and forth, several times. I turned around cause before I figured it out I thought he was trying to get my attention for something , so I said, yes? He replied with, "oh your gonna be one of those passengers." yay! He also complained the entire way that he was not upgraded to first (he did not believe them when they said every seat was taken). He was mad because he thought since he traveled all the time he should be up there. Well sir when the seats are full what do you expect them to do.

But I am not complaining, I GOT TO GO TO LONDON.

Anyways we left on the 5:40pm flight on tues night and got there at 8am on wed morning London time (they are 5 hours ahead of us). We could not check into the hotel till 2pm so we dropped off our luggage and went on the 3 hour BIG RED BUS TOUR.(blue line) It was a double decker bus so of course we went to the top to ride so Steve could take these great pictures. I have never been so cold in all my life. But it was amazing to get to see everything in such a short time. We saw Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Paliment, The London Eye, River Thames, St. Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and much more.

I will share our day 2 tomm. and more pictures.