The Snow days of 2011

Spencer and Emma of the first day of Snow. Yes Spencer is wearing Emma's purple coat cause it is made for cold weather and his blue coat is wimpy. Oh well.
Making heart shaped potholders for my visiting teaching gals. (Pretty sure none of them read this blog, uh hope so that is.
Making valentine cards for the grandparents, not done yet.
The sewing table!
Love these zippers I got off of etsy. I have already used a ton and still have many more yummy colors to play with. YAY!

So we have been struggling to keep busy. Here are a few things we have done. Sewing, playing, cooking, etc. etc. My sweet husband felt bad that we have been stuck in the house since monday, so he brought us each one of our favorite things home from the grocery store yesterday! So thoughtful.


Tina 9:31 AM  

How cute!! You and Katy are so crafty! I'm seriously so jealous. What fun projects you've done!! Love them!