He was true and he died righteously...

I am preparing sharing time today. This sunday's theme is Following Jesus Christ's Example. I have been struggling alot with how to teach the JR primary the lessons we have in sharing time. I have been praying for help and guidance from my Heavenly Father. I have printed out footprints & I will put them on the floor in a circle and let these little children follow the circle path of the "Saviors footprints" while I am telling a story (in my own words) about the Savior. But I will be stopping a few times during the story and whom ever is standing on the "special" footprint they will get to choose a song out of the jar. We will sing one verse and then move on with the story - game. The songs will be all about people that followed the Savior or about us following him.

As I was looking for songs to include in my jar- I came across the song: Book of Mormon Stories p. 118 I was reading verse 4: It brought me to sudden tears as I read the story about one of my favorite men in the Book of Mormon. It says:

Don't forget Abinadi, who stood before the king.
All chained up from head to toe, the gospel he did bring.
If he would deny it, then the king would set him free.
He was true, and he died righteously.

It made me think about a challenge I am dealing with lately:
Sometimes we have righteous intentions but no matter what we do, others will not always realize that we mean no ill toward them but only have love towards them.
And no matter what our Heavenly Father loves us all.


marcia@joyismygoal 3:15 PM  

thanks for sharing that it brought tears to my eyes as i read it too I may use that in a talk I have to give tonight:)