so far this summer we have been staying busy. Here are some of the things we have done:
made & played with homemade playdough.
made homemade smoothies: super yummy (I used vanilla yogart & frozen mixed berries - then put it in the blender)
we made these little homemade donuts, the kids liked them, me meh, they were OK

homemade peanut butter pizza- an FHE dessert, once again mom was not a big fan, it sounded better than it actually was
homemade rising wheat bread
the finished product. This is a really easy & yummy recipe but the problem I have with homemade bread it after day 2 or 3 it does not taste fresh any more and I won't eat it. Any tips?
So these are some of the fun thing we have made. More on our summer another day.


nikko 5:31 PM  

That's the thing with homemade bread -- it has no preservatives so you have to eat it fast. Maybe if you don't think you can eat it fast enough you could freeze one of the loaves.

We have been having smoothies like twice a day! SO yummy! Our favorite is the huge bag of mixed fruit from Sams with some crystal light or lemonade. Yum!

I have a good life 10:47 PM  

Wow! I love all that you have been doing. You are an amazing mom. Simply amazing. :) I learn so much by watching you! :)

The Texas Bakers 9:35 AM  

You are such a great mom! I've made your wheat bread recipe a couple of times. We eat one loaf and I freeze the other immediately after it cools. It tastes fresh-baked when I thaw it on the counter.