72 hr kits

I found and easy way to make a 72 hr kit. I called a grocery store's bakery department & asked them to save small (half size of a pickle bucket) frosting buckets (with lids) for me. After a few days I picked these up from the store brought them home(for free) and washed them out with dish soap & hot water. Let dry completely.

Then with black sharpie I wrote names on each bucket, one for each member of my family. Then I filled each of them with: 4 bottles of water, 1 can of soup (pull top can), 1 small pack of gum, snack baggies of raisins, snack baggie of nuts, fruit cup, fruit snacks, 2 instant packs of oatmeal in a baggie, 2 empty gallon zip lock bags, 1 large black trash bag (can be used as a poncho),small notepad & pen (used for drawing, writing or messages), tooth brush, 3 bandaids, 2 granola bars

Adult bucket only: small bottle of advil, snack baggie of matches, small scissors, comb,floss, small toothpaste.

I want to change and add things as I look on more emergency preparedness websites. But those will come with time. Also each member of our family has a backpack filled with 2 sets of clothes, a flashlight, & more.

So have fun & be creative!


Tina 12:35 PM  

What a great idea! Way to go!
Look at you, all prepared and all. You have inspired me to get going. It seems like it never ends. You get one done and then a year flies by and you are doing it all over again... Good job!

Jay 1:32 PM  

What great ideas! I'm working on updating ours, so I'm always looking for ways to make it work better for us. I was inspired to get going on it by you! Thanks!

Marissa 5:53 PM  

I love this idea-thanks for sharing!

Allyson 10:56 AM  

Thanks for the ideas!