The finished product

My first quilt. It has lots of mistakes but it is cute. I am hanging it on Emma's wall as a wall hanging.


txmommy 2:20 PM  

so pretty, I love it!

nikko 3:07 PM  


Colleen 8:31 PM  

How are you hanging it? I'm asking because my mom made Sam a quilt when he was born and I want to hang it, too, but I'm not sure what the typical mothod for hanign a quilt is...

Colleen 8:31 PM  

P.S. Awesome! You certainly have been mastering your sewing skills lately! I'm very impressed!

Meghan 8:06 AM  

it is beautiful!

The Texas Bakers 3:00 PM  

It's beautiful. I love the quilting detail on the back.

I have a good life 8:15 PM  

It is so cute....even cuter in person! I am impressed.

Shuldberg's in Texas 9:21 AM  

I like it. Great job!!

Farrah 5:55 PM  

THat is really cute!

Nancie 10:47 PM  

Kathy and Steve,
This is Nancie Chen and I hope you still remember me. I saw your names on Hutchinson's blog. We are now in Chicago and we have four children. Beautiful pictures of your kids! Come visit us if you get a chance!

Evan and Nancie Chen

The Tall and Short of it 1:30 PM  

great job! its pretty dang cute!