Emma's new room

Recently we painted Emma's room. She loves it and I love it too. It truly is a room for a little princess.

On another note, if you know Emma she loves volcanoes. I know different but she is mesmerized by wonders of nature. So Steve made the comment that he should take Emma to see a real volcano, like in Hawaii. Then he realized everyone would give him a hard time if he took his daughter to Hawaii before taking his wife. So he said he would take her to see Mt Saint Helens. Of course it won't be for a while, but it is funny to hear her say "mom I have packed my bag and I am going to see Mt Saint Helen". LOL


txmommy 8:42 AM  

so cute!

I have a good life 9:45 AM  

So cute! So...wanna come over and help me decorate my house. You have a knack for it! :)

Shuldberg's in Texas 11:05 AM  

I love color on walls.

I lived in Washington when Mt. Saint Helens blew many years ago, it was a little scary. My mom saved some ash from the eruption. Volcano's are cool!

But yes, you should go to Hawaii before your daughter. Definitely!

The Texas Bakers 12:00 PM  

It turned out great! All that work paid off. Did you do the flowers on her dresser yourself?
I, too, remember Mt St Helens erupting. We had ash all the way in Alaska!

Tina Fowler 7:45 PM  

The room turned out so cute!! Great color - just the right shade.

Colleen 12:56 PM  

What a peacful place for Emma to be! I love it!!