Sunday Emma gave a talk in Primary and she did a great job. It was about the importance of Temples. We had ward conference & our Stake President talked to us in sacrament. The thing that stood out to me was "when you study your scriptures do it with a pen in hand, so you can really study."

Yesterday was a busy day. I had visiting teaching at 9am &10 am. Then a PiYoga class at the gym with Holly. Then I had to open the church for Michelle, then came home to rest until I had to pick up Paige from school then came home for my Presidency mtg. Then my husband came home & he had a bad headache so he went straight to bed & slept till the next morning. I put the kids to bed a little before 8pm & went to bed myself at about 8:45pm. Good thing I did cause I was woken up @ 4:45 by a cat who was hungry. He is getting nutered today so he could not eat last night & he is hating it. He has this weird meow and it is kinda annoying. He actually climbed on the counter & tried to eat the bread. After that we had to put him in his carrier. Only one more hour till we get to leave yeah!