Poor Girl

Poor Emma I am letting her hair grown out (this includes her bangs, remember she cut them a while ago) and I usually pull her hair to one side or just out of her face but in the swimsuit picture she has hair in her face. Poor Girl! And the reason she has her swimsuit on in the dead of winter is not because it is 72 degrees today but because we went with some of our friends to an indoor pool. It was alot of fun.

The second picture is her in her favorite nightgown. This is the only nightgown I have ever bought her, she picked it out and she loves it. She would wear it every night if I let her. I think she needs more night gowns if any one it looking for a gift. (p.s. she is in size 5/6)
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Maren 7:01 PM  

Laurel loves nightgowns too! I don't know why i didn't put them on her sooner.