Merry Christmas to to all! Love the Fowler Family

Dear Family and Friends!
2013 has been a great year for our family. Steve’s parents Richard and Tina Fowler went on a mission to Peru this summer. We were sad to see them go, but happy at this opportunity they have to serve the Lord!

Spencer turned 7 this year! He loves Minecraft, Legos, and sports (especially tossing the football with Mom and Dad). He is in 1st grade and is doing great! He can read very well and loves school. He played basketball and baseball this year.  He is such a sweet and kind natured little boy, always doing things for others around the house. He is always making us laugh. We love our little Spencer Man!

Emma turned 9 this year. She is smart and creative. She loves to do crafts, play outside and be in nature. She also loves animals and babies. She is in 3rd grade and doing very well in her studies. She plays the piano and is about to start basketball season again. She loves Taylor Swift and loves to sing in the ward choir with her Dad. She is growing up way to fast but still loves to snuggle with Mom and Dad. 

Kathy is still the 2nd councilor in the Young Women group at church. She enjoys working with the youth. Her hobbies are reading, going to book club, and volleyball! She plays volleyball once a week for a recreational team and once a week at church. She still stays at home and takes care of everything in the home and for the family.

Steve is the Webleos leader in the Cub Scouting program at church.  He is still with American Airlines and is exciting for things to come as they have just recently merged with US Airways.   His is still running and is currently trying to work on improving his pace.  His hobbies are tinkering with his computer, woodworking, and working on the house.

In January Steve took a trip with his parents to England and Scotland. He got to visit with relatives and see Fowler genealogical sites and visit many beautiful places such as Stonehenge, Loch Ness, and various castles.  He also got to take Emma’s Flat Stanley with him and take pictures for her school project! 

In March on Spring Break our family tagged along with Steve (he had training for work) in Seattle, WA. We got to visit his sister Jessica and her family.  We also got to visit many fun places like Pikes Place and the Space Needle etc.  We learned that Kathy does not like to drive on the steep hills or get stuck in the airport all night long with the kids. 

In May Steve had 2 back to back week long conferences for work in Las Vegas.  So Kathy got to come visit him on the adjoining weekend. We had fun walking along the strip and eating at the Paris Hotel Buffet.

In June the kids and Kathy went to visit her mom, Mickey in Minnesota, again this summer. Then on another trip to Minnesota around the 4th of July Steve came up to join us!  We had a blast as always. We got to see fireworks for our hotel room, it was beautiful. We also visited a strawberry farm and had homemade strawberry rhubarb pie. Yum!!

In August Steve went to San Francisco for a weeklong conference for work and had a great time. He was there while the America’s Cup was happening.  Also in August he went to Utah to say farewell to his parents for their mission and helped his sister Kristen spruce up her new condo.  In October he went to training in New Jersey and was able to visit his brother Rich and their family. 

It has been a fun and busy year. May the Lord Bless and keep you all safe. Have a very Merry Christmas!
Love the Fowler Family
Steve, Kathy, Emma and Spencer

Pictured at botanical gardens 2012

 yes it was cold and he had just woke up from a short nap in the car.
 miss priss

 our 8 yr old Emma

 goofy man Spencer, always making a joke, he is so funny!

 Kathy age 33

 Steve age 32

Emma turns 8

Emma turned 8 years old in Dec and she had a birthday party. She had so much fun having her friends over and opening all her presents. She said "this is the best day ever!"Emma you are spunky, smart and loving. You are like no other child I have ever met. You love all things medical, you love reading your Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy kid, you love drawing and coloring, you love doing gymnastics and do it all the time. We love you sweet girl!

Christmas Card

Dear Family and Friends,
It has been another wonderful year for our family! Here is what has been going on.
Spencer (our youngest) started kindergarten this year. He has an awesome teacher that challenges him and meets his needs. He is very smart (like his sister). He is in the top group of his class and his teacher says he has the best hand writing of anyone in the class. He also can read very well now. In his free time, Spencer loves to play angry birds Star Wars and loves to draw and build things. He played soccer this year and is about to begin his second season of basketball. He is a very funny little boy, he is always rhyming and singing made up songs. He loves to laugh. Spencer recently turned 6 years old and he is a joy to have around.
Emma (our oldest) will be turning 8 this month. She is so excited to be getting baptized in January. She is in 2nd grade and in the gifted program. She is a self proclaimed “math and science geek” and has a great desire to be a doctor someday. She also played soccer this year and is finishing up her 1st season of volleyball. She will also be playing basketball soon but her real love is for gymnastics. That is right, she can’t walk across the living room without doing a cartwheel, round off or backbend. She is constantly moving and improving her gymnast skills. She goes once a week for 1 hour and that is not enough for her. In 3 short months she has moved up 3 levels. Emma is a giving little girl. She is always wanting to give gifts or help people out in some way. We love our “little Em.” 
Kathy was released from her church calling as Primary President this summer. I guess they thought 5 years was long enough. She misses it but really enjoys teaching the 12 & 13 year old girls now. What’s fun is most of these girls she has in primary! Kathy is a homemaker and was excited because this was the first year that both kids were in school. She is on the PTA and volunteers at school. She loves to read and is in a book club. She also loves to bake and sew. She has also been playing volleyball although a should problem has put that on hold. Kathy enjoys being a mother and wife.
Steve is in the high priest group leadership at church. He is still working at American Airlines and hit his 5 year mark this summer. He recently got promoted to “Principal Infrastructure Architect”. It is a big deal and we are so proud of him. He loves to do wood working and garden in his spare time. He is a great father and husband.
As a family we traveled to Utah and Wyoming this summer for a Fowler family reunion. It was awesome to visit Yellow Stone National Park, it is beautiful! Kathy and the kids made a few trips this summer to Minnesota to visit her mom and had fun at the Mall of America.  We also had fun on a camping trip at Tyler State Park the day after Thanksgiving. The weather was great and the fall colors were amazing, not to mention the smores!
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
-Steve, Kathy, Emma & Spencer

Camping at Tyler State Park

The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up the Pilot and the leftover turkey and made our way to Tyler State park. It was a first for us and so far our best time ever! We explored the land-hiking our way through a few trails, it was beautiful there. We roasted hot dogs and ate smores! We froze our little tushes off at night but it was great weather during the day. I would highly recommend it if you have not been!

1st & 2nd day of our trip in Utah & Idaho

We were planning on leaving sunday but when we looked at the flights sunday was really booked and so we made it out on the 3pm flight saturday. That gave us only an hour and a half to pack since we decided so late.

But we made it into SLC, UT and had a fun night staying with my cousin Allyson and her wonderful family. Since I failed to take any pictures there, I am stealing pictures from Allyson's blog. We got to see my (pictured below)Cousin Lauren & Allyson, Mom's Aunt Verdene and My Aunt Kay. My kids had the best time there and they never wanted to leave. Spencer had made friends with Addy who is his age and he said "she is my best friend in Utah. Emma loved playing with the older girls and the chickens.

 Stopped at the Idaho Falls Temple to take pictures on the way up to Yellowstone.
On sunday we went to Temple Square and spent most of the day there. It was hot but beautiful! When we were at Temple we ran into part of Steve's family that we were not meeting up with until the next day. But it was fun to run into them early. Tanner and Spencer became fast friends and Emma would not leave Clayton's sight. LOL we love our family and were so blessed to spend time with them.