What is happening!

Emma had her 4 year old doctor appointment on Friday. She is 41 lbs 6oz. & 41.5 inches tall. She got 4 shots and did not even cry. She just cringed a little and said, "That hurt". LOL

Today I am doing laundry and am beginning packing for our trip. We leave on Wed afternoon. We will be visiting Steve's family and going to Richie's wedding. We will be back Dec 31 in the evening.
Merry Christmas to everyone if we don't see you before then!


Holly 2:59 PM  

Merry Christmas my dear dear friend...we'll miss you while you are gone! Be Safe.

Stacy Hutchinson 1:53 PM  

Richie's wedding? PLEASE post some pics. I can't wait to tell Josh. Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous 5:34 PM  

That does not surprise me that Emma
did not cry...that little cutie...
getting those shots.
love mom